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 [Traduc] Tea bag and hot chocolate

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La Halfeline
Prophète de Lilith

Nombre de messages : 1973
Date de naissance : 28/08/1987
Age : 31
Localisation : La Comté-Franche

MessageSujet: [Traduc] Tea bag and hot chocolate   Mar 28 Avr - 17:14

Puisque Pinec m'en parlait, je poste mes quelques petites traductions de fic. Celle-ci n'est qu'un début, mais je compte bien la continuer prochainement. Wink

Tea bag and hot chocolate

T-bag woke up to the feeling of Maytag, once again closely snuggled up against him. He grumbled. Back in Fox River, at least the separate bunks enabled him to send the boy back to his living quarters after a nice little screwing. Since they were on the run, though, after being released by the pretty Scofield – less pretty after being run over by a rutting bus while trying to flee the feds – Maytag seemed to regard the situation as a romantic road movie where all kinds of cuddling are allowed. When they illegally crossed the Atlantic to end up in that small country called Belgium, they could afford to sleep in small shabby hotels instead of sheds. At first staying right next to him all night long seemed to intimidate Maytag, but he soon had made the most of it by using him as a personal teddy bear – and even having the impudence to call him “Teddy” when they woke up ! T-bag had tried to put an end to these unacceptable circumstances by buying him a big stuffed crocodile ; he was pretty sure his boy toy would immediately fetishize it, but the brat somehow managed to always wake up stuck to him with the croc under his arm. It undoubtedly made the situation even more grotesque…

Theodore rolled his eyes, then said eyes fell upon the body of the young man who was curled up against him : good muscles which were coated in charming juvenile curves, a skin as rosy as the flesh of a fruit, childlike little fingers which were used to gripping pockets… among other things. This body was like an appendage to him ; at least that was the way he liked considering it. After a glance around the room, as if automatically checking the absence of witnesses, T-bag shifted the brown and blond hair away from the boy’s forehead. It was unusual to see him like that because of the mohawk he would put up on his head first thing in the morning. Maytag winced slightly and opened his royal blue eyes.
- Hello boi.
- Happy Easter, T…
Bagwell smiled ironically. Then seeing his boy had closed his eyes again, all set for a little snooze with his beloved master, he pushed him away quite roughly and got up.
- Where do ya think you are, kid ? We ain’t up to dilly-dally all day long. I’m starving !
Jason (re)opened an eye and glanced at the dial of the alarm clock.
- Teddy, it’s barely six a.m…. he mumbled, burying his face in his crocodile and curling up his knee against the mattress.
- Maytag, if it’s a punishment ya’re looking for, I won’t be fooled, said T-bag while slipping on his boxer on which you could read : “When in doubt : fuck”.
The young man untangled from the sheets, gnarling, and headed up for the bathroom.
- That’s right. Go and preen yourself, lovebird.
Bagwell darted a little bit of teasing tongue at Maytag, who glared at him and slammed the door. He just loved it when the little guy was all upset.

T-bag put on a pearl grey tee-shirt and black jeans ; he slipped some small change into the right pocket for breakfast ; the left pocket, he just turned it inside out. Parting the curtains, he checked the street. Everything was quiet outside. It wasn’t getting light yet but the clear sky was announcing superb weather. Theodore sighed indulgently. Maytag already used to take half an hour to make himself presentable back in prison, because of all this hair tidying, but things had got worse when he had enjoyed a real bathroom and various clothes. Well… T-bag could now take advantage of his devoted protégé adopting different looks, which happened to be highly interesting !

Maytag finally consented to reappear. He was wearing smart, classical pants – “borrowed” from the violated corpse of the law student who had dared to ruffle his hair as they were strolling around the campus in order for T-bag to discover his new hunting-ground – and a long white shirt. He had carefully buttoned the collar and a nice pale-blue tie was fastening it. Maytag had learned to leave it to the small-time gigolos to speculate about the optimal number of buttons to let loose ; by now he knew his master well-enough to be aware of the fact that nothing made him itch more than a neat outfit covering young flesh. He would let Bagwell mess him up as he pleased. By the way, the concentrated brown eyes and the chewed lip told Jason that T-bag was considering an immediate attack. But he eventually headed up for the door and Maytag grasped the left pocket on the way.

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La Halfeline
Prophète de Lilith

Nombre de messages : 1973
Date de naissance : 28/08/1987
Age : 31
Localisation : La Comté-Franche

MessageSujet: Re: [Traduc] Tea bag and hot chocolate   Mer 24 Juin - 19:46

As they were reaching the front of a bakery, T-bag patted away the hand hanging to him.
- Ya wait here, alright ?
They had got into the habit of always letting a lookout outside the stores. Never being trapped in an enclosed space… While Maytag obediently kept watch, convinced they had nothing to worry about at six a.m., Theodore entered the shop. He first smelled the delicious aroma of the croissants, hot from the oven – a true wonder of the Old Country which was worth getting up early. He laid eyes on the French pastry that had just been displayed and licked his upper lip eagerly. Then he looked up, and was met with the sight of the Easter chocolates, all lined up on the shelves. His heart missed a beat.
… If *this* was their way of celebrating the resurrection of the Christ, the Frogs were arrant pigs!
… But after all, his sweet little boy sure deserved a treat on this special day. Refusing that to him would have been unworthy of a good daddy.

When T-bag came out, carrying two paper bags, Maytag took the pocket back and let himself be lead towards a huge church with a white façade. Once they were in the small park surrounding it, Bagwell voluptuously lay down on one of the wooden deckchair facing the building. He invited his alter ego to do the same by pointing the one next to his with a nonchalant finger. He then grinned sinfully at him and handed him one of the bags.
- Here ya go, boi. The way I heard it ya were more than ready for Easta so… that’s what the lil’ bunny brought for ya. It seems like ya’re gonna like it!
Maytag incredulously gaped at him for a moment, then grabbed the bag. He felt it carefully for a while and frowned, then opened it to see its contents once and for all. He began to blush before looking up at his valiant (racist, murdering and paedophile) hero, all blue-eyed and innocent, meeting a mischievous gaze and a tongue twisting slowly between white teeth. An irrepressible smile formed on Maytag’s embarrassed little face as he lowered his eyes.

Always prone to play, he got up with his chocolate in his hand and came to T-bag. He straddled him and asked:
- I have to say I don’t know where to begin. It’s so nice it’s almost a shame to eat it. What do you think, daddy?
- I’ve already told ye not to waste that kind of treat, boi. However, since it’s a holy day, you can play with your food… he cajoled.
Maytag then raised to his face the triumphant chocolate phallus T-bag had just offered up to him. Without taking his eyes off his master, he started to lick the base gently, almost casually. Theodore felt the first shiver run up his spine.
- Not bad, said Jason with a simple smirk.
His soft laps became a bit more insistent and he gradually licked his way up the milk chocolate pole. As he was reaching the dark chocolate bordering the head, he felt something waking up under his pants. He looked down and caught the falsely repentant smile of T-bag. He liked to see that kind of playful expressions on his face now and then; the man almost looked harmless! Yet Maytag decided to show Bagwell he had the power to unmask him.

All of a sudden, his free hand grabbed the black jeans and he slightly moved his crotch forward, setting it firmly around T-bag’s hips. His body curved and he tilted his head back, still holding his chocolate above his face. His mouth went back to the base and delicately bustled about the two chocolate balls. T-bag was rather shaken by this change of rhythm. Tense as he was, he stared at the hand still clinging to his pants and up at the arm till he was looking at his toy boy. He gazed at the rosy throat emerging from the white collar, the Adam’s apple naughtily following the movements and the exquisite, pink little tongue sliding again and again on the gleaming dark roundness. He could see Maytag’s lips press themselves against the firm chocolate orbs, swallowing them and sucking them furtively before releasing them very gently, like a kiss ending. … They didn’t call him “T-bag” for nothing. It was one of his favourite games. This point of view hypnotized him and excited him intensely. He let out a low groan.

Then he brutally seized his protégé’s tie and yanked him close. Maytag briefly yelped and collapsed on Bagwell’s body. The sociopath held his face very close of his, grabbing at his tie knot. His brown irises were imbued with this stern irritation that went together with his excitement. Jason felt his breath, a bit sharp under his own chest. Slightly confused, he enjoyed this body heat that T-bag granted him so rarely when he was conscious; it seemed to transmit him strength and self-confidence. As for Theodore, he felt through this position that he wasn’t the only one to take part in the amusement.
- Drop that pants, naw.
- You wanna go too fast, retorted Maytag with a slightly choked voice, I’m sure it’s not necessary.
- Is that so? You’re pretty sure of ya’self, boi!
- At least let me try. It’ll be much more fun, you’ll see.
- … Alright, I dare you. But I gotta warn ye: it involves a forfeit for the loser.
- What kind?
- The kind you spend aaall tied up to the bed three hours long, lil man.
- True?
- Truer than Bellick’s momma tuckin’him in on a stormy night.
Maytag sat up straight away, a concupiscent gleam smouldering in his big blue eyes.

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[Traduc] Tea bag and hot chocolate
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